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We are available 24 hours a day to assist you.  Please use this page to reach us, email, or call us 607-273-7368.

Here are some commonly asked questions/tips:


Living in upstate NY during the early fall and spring means you will experience what we refer to as the swing season. Some days and nights are warm, others are cool, but it is not winter yet.  Some people still want air conditioning, while others want heat. 

  • Heat is not required until October; however buildings where we provide heat have sensors.  If the external temperature stays cool enough (for long enough), the sensors will indicate a need for heat and it will come on automatically (i.e. you do not need to do anything).
  • Tenants with their own thermostat can adjust their thermostat at any time according to preference. Thermostats below 70 degrees will save you money; however you must have your heat at 55 degrees during the heating season (October - May) to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • During the heating season (October - May) keep windows closed.

Saving Water

  • Pay attention to faucet leaks and running toilets.  Please let the office know if you hear or see a leak or drip so it can be repaired. Shorten showers. Do only full loads in a dishwasher and clothes washer. When washing dishes by hand do not let the water run. Fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water.

Reduce Your Electric Bill

  • Set computers and monitors to sleep if they will not be used after 5-15 minutes. Shutdown and turn off computers when they are not used for extended time because they draw power even when asleep.

Reading your Electric/Gas Bill from NYSEG

  • NYSEG bills are not always your actual bill.  Refer to page 2 of your bill, note the reading may have an E next to the reading which means they have estimated your bill for the month. This means your current month MAY BE higher or lower than the actual bill and it will be adjusted the following month.  They do this for a variety of reasons; however these bills can be alarming if the amount is different than your normal amount.
  • Questions? Call NYSEG 800-572-1111 or the West Shore Apartments office 607-273-7368 for more information.

Trash & Recycling - Questions about trash or recycling? Here is a link from Tompkins County.

Trash Tags can be purchased at the following locations: 

  • Campus Store, Cornell University Campus
  • Jasons Deli, 301 College Avenue
  • Tops, 614 S. Meadow Street
  • Wegmans, 500 S. Meadow Street