Sublease Policy

All Sublets must have prior approval from West Shore Apartments, LLC. In order to receive approval, please use the following steps:

  1. Both original Tenant and Sub-Tenant need to complete the Sublet Agreement, available online, and return the Sub-Lease agreement to West Shore Apartments (either in hard copy or electronically).

  2. See the note at the bottom of the Sublet agreement regarding the Lease and Statement of Condition. Electronic versions can be provided if requested. 

  3. Make sure the Sub-Tenant is aware of our recycling and trash policies.

  4. Keys must be handled between Tenant and Sub-Tenant.

  5. All Tenants on the Lease must sign the Sublease form to show there is awareness of the Sublease taking place.
  6. Submit the signed Sublease agreement to West Shore Apartments at least 1-week in advance of the Sublease time-frame.

Please call or email the office with questions or concerns.
607-273-RENT (7368)

 Sublease Agreement    Sublease Agreement    Sublease Agreement

All documents in this section are sample documents and are subject to change without notice.