Looking for an apartment now,      this spring or for 2019-2020?

Look no further!

Click on the LISTING link above,                  rent listed is the total rent, per month.

Contact us or call @ 607-273-7368

We can provide you with the latest info. as it becomes available and arrange a tour.


What’s included in the House or Apartment tour?

  •          A showing of the apartments which meet your specific              wants & needs. 

  •  An opportunity to meet the owners/operators.
  •  A complete explanation of all the amenities provided.
  •  An entire-building tour including the laundry room, parking,       trash/recycling facilities, etc.
  •  An explanation of our simple – and fast – rental & online           payment process.


Need for an apartment for this Spring          Semester 2019?  

We can help you with that too!